LASEROBARIA 2.0_S at ARGO Medical Center

ARGO Medical Center in Lodz, Poland, is a facility that specializes in surgery, and its main area of activity is proctology and wound treatment. On February 16th, 2023, ARGO joined the group of facilities offering Laserobaria 2.0_S treatment services. The comprehensive care of ARGO assumes the treatment of wounds using many methods, also taking into account the patient’s diabetic management. Diabetology is managed by Agnieszka Lipińska, MD, and also the main surgeon Przemysław Lipiński, MD.

Dr. Agnieszka Lipińska has extensive experience not only in the treatment of diabetes-related diseases but also in the treatment of internal diseases. Dr. Przemysław Lipiński, a general surgeon, specializes in the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds related to diabetic foot, leg ulcers or bedsores. Dr. Przemysław Lipiński is a member of the Society of Polish Surgeons and the Polish Wound Management Association . For more information about the Argo Medical Center, please, visit