The Laserobaria method is a new, innovative method of treating hard-to-heal wounds, edema, osteoarticular or neurological conditions. It is a multifunctional therapeutic device, fully certified by the TUV Nord as a Class IIa medical device.

This solution significantly improves competitiveness, complementing the services of facilities with the following business profiles:

  • clinic for treatment of wounds, lymphedema, ulcers
  • pain management clinics
  • Departments and clinics for the treatment of vascular diseases
  • outpatient clinic for treatment of diabetic foot and congestive disorders
  • burn treatment facilities
  • orthopedic clinics
  • specialists involved in the treatment of osteoporosis
  • diabetology offices
  • Care facilities, i.e., retirement home, nursing home
  • rehabilitation clinics
Wdrożenie innowacyjnej metody leczenia w placówce medycznej

For centers interested in expanding their offerings with Laserobaria 2.0_S services, we have prepared flexible business cooperation models in the form of subscription billing or pay per use. Specialists who aim to incorporate innovative solutions into their offerings can verify the effectiveness of the device in the initial phase at minimal cost.

As part of the cooperation, we offer the possibility of medical consultations with doctors who use the laserobaria method, achieving positive results in speeding up the treatment process for their patients.

In addition, we provide high-quality technical and service support at every stage of cooperation. For those who are interested, we help implement an innovative service in the local market, offering consultation in marketing, work organization and development of a business plan. Our team consists of experienced doctors, engineers, marketing specialists and people with many years of experience in managing medical facilities.


Inventmed Ltd. was established in 2015. Our mission from the beginning was to create innovative medical solutions for a wide range of patients, with the aim of improving their health, enhancing their quality of life and quickly returning to full participation in broader socio-economic life. To this day, these values guide our team’s efforts.

Our primary product is Laserobaria 2.0_S, a proprietary invention of Prof. Aleksander Sieroń, MD, constructed and manufactured by INVENTMED. Created to effectively prevent limb amputations, improve joint and bone injuries or heal neurological conditions and pain.


Many people deal with pain or post-traumatic ailments on a daily basis. Others struggle with diabetic conditions that result in the appearance of more wounds, which are very difficult, long and painful to heal. It is estimated that in Poland the number of patients with hard-to-heal limb wounds, burns and diabetic foot is nearly 500,000. In Europe, there are 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 people suffering from this condition. Importantly, the increase in the number of patients is a growing trend worldwide.

Their quality of life can be dramatically improved with treatment with the Laserobaria 2.0_S device.

The Laserobaria method was developed to protect patients who are at risk of having a limb amputated as a result of a hard-to-heal, life-threatening wound. Combination therapy based on four therapeutic agents is designed to accelerate tissue regeneration, thereby speeding up the wound healing process. As a result, the patient has a chance to heal, improve life comfort and restore function without the drastic method of amputation.

In practice, the properties of the four therapeutic agents are applicable across a broader spectrum, including in the treatment of osteoarticular or neurological conditions.

Zestaw Laserobaria 2.0 S urządzenia Inventmed

Power and control unit

With a simple interface, it allows
for easy dosage and monitoring
of the treatment process.

Due to its compact size
and high mobility - easy to install
in any office

Therapeutic Chamber
The special design ensures
even dosage of all
applied therapeutic agents within the
the treated limb, protecting
against the emission of interference and waves
outside the chamber,
enabling safe and comfortable
conducting treatments.


Laserobaria pomaga w zakresie naczyniowym / leczenia ran

In the field of vascular / wound care:

  • Complications of diabetes, including diabetic foot,
  • diabetic microangiopathy,
  • amputation wounds,
  • Post-operative wounds,
  • burn lesions of the extremities,
  • Ulcers of the lower extremities, decubitus ulcers,
  • hard-to-heal limb wounds,
  • Chronic wounds on the background of venous insufficiency and arterial vascularity,
  • purulent skin infections,
  • swellings of lymphatic etiology

In terms of bone and joint:

  • delayed bone fusion,
  • pseudo joints,
  • Sudeck type teams,
  • Post-traumatic conditions of joints and periarticular soft tissues – i.e. dislocations, sprains, contusions,
  • Ligament damage, tendon injuries,
  • osteoporosis,
  • joint inflammation,
  • states after surgeries including joint endoprosthesis
Laserobaria pomaga w zakresie kostno-stawowym
Laserobaria pomaga w zakresie układu nerwowego.

In terms of the nervous system:

  • neuropathies,
  • neuralgia,
  • phantom pains.


Male, age: 54

Wound of the left lower leg. Concurrent drug treatment. History of varicose veins for many years. Clinical picture: visible two wounds on the lower leg with swelling of the limb and large trophic changes involving the entire lower leg. Small wounds on the foot between the toes and on the sole. Physical therapy was recommended. Laser therapy was recommended

The first phase applied:

  • Ozone: 15min
  • Field: 5Hz, 4mT, triangular waveform, 10min
  • Oxygen: 500Pa, 30min
  • Red Light: 0.42J/cm^2, 5min.

In the next phase, it was applied:

  • Ozone: 15 min
  • Oxygen: 500Pa, 25 min
  • Red light: 0.84 J/cm^2, 10 min

After the first few sessions, an analgesic effect was obtained, reducing swelling. The healing process as shown in the images below.

Wound before treatment

Wound before treatment

Wound after the first treatment cycle

Wound after the first treatment cycle

Wound during the second cycle

Wound during the second cycle

Wound 14 days after the end of the third cycle

Wound 14 days after the end of the third cycle


Jednoczesne leczenie przy użyciu magnetoterapii, ozonoterapii, tlenoterapii oraz afototerapii pozwala na przyspieszenie procesu gojenia się rany i wyleczenie znacznie poważniejszych przypadków niż inne metody leczenia.

Simultaneous treatment using magnetotherapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy oraz phototherapy can speed up the wound healing process and cure much more severe cases than other treatment methods

LASEROBARIA 2.0_S is 4 different treatment methods in one device. This translates directly into great benefits for medical stakeholders and patients, thanks to the synergy resulting from the use of several medical procedures in a single device. The device allows alternating the use of oxygen local hyperbaria with ozone therapy, red and ultraviolet light therapy and alternating magnetic fields. The definite advantage of the method is the application of the indicated agents locally, to the area of the ailment, without having to burden the entire body.

Hiperbaryczna terapia tlenowa - Laserobaria Inventmed

Topical oxygen therapy promotes tissue regeneration. Its action is based on a highly efficient process of enriching individual cells with oxygen. The application of elevated pressure (higher than atmospheric pressure) frees oxygen from physiological barriers to penetration into cells. All this not only promotes repair processes, but also promotes neovascularization i.e. the formation of new vessels, improving blood flow in tissues. Greater permeability allows oxygen to reach less well-blooded regions, supporting regenerative processes from the ground up.

Many wounds, swellings, post-surgical or post-traumatic conditions result in inflammation in the body. Therefore, the device contains topical ozone, characterized by bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects. Thanks to it, we are able to control inflammation and prevent further proliferation of substances harmful to the body. At the same time, it additionally oxygenates the cells, promoting the transport and flow of oxygen in the blood.

Magnetoterapia - Laserobaria Inventmed

Most of the conditions described are associated with the patient experiencing great discomfort and pain. Therefore, the mechanism of action of the first two factors was supplemented by the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields. This factor supports the other two by having a beneficial effect on the processes of regeneration and tissue respiration. However, its most significant role in the entire therapeutic process is its analgesic and anti-edema function. Already after the first therapeutic sessions, the patient feels a definite difference in the sensation of soreness, thanks to the combination of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects with the increased secretion of betaendorphins. As a result, the patient has a chance to forget about sleepless nights caused by severe soreness and finally just get a peaceful night’s sleep. An additional result of magnetotherapy is a change in the properties of cell membranes and the restoration of the immune enzymatic response in the body.

Światło czerwone i ultrafioletowe - Laserobaria Inventmed

The last therapeutic factor is red and ultraviolet light. Different wavelengths are absorbed by the skin, leading to the stimulation of physiological repair processes. They also have an effect on reducing pain. In addition, ultraviolet light is a germicidal factor.

Device features:

  • innovation – the only device in the world providing a combination of 4 therapeutic agents,
  • low invasiveness  due to topical application , without burdening the whole body,
  • Personalization of therapy – selecting the timing and intensity of each individual agent according to the patient’s stage of treatment,
  • A holistic approach through combined therapy of four therapeutic agents,
  • High mobility provided by the use of large, lockable wheels,
  • Low operating costs and low electricity consumption,
  • easy-to-use interface,
  • can be used even in small rooms (20 sqm)
  • design amenities such as: treatment couch compatible with the device, allowing support of the healthy limb, smooth adjustment of the backrest and headrest, shelf for oxygen concentrator