Implementation of Laserobaria 2.0_S at the 5th Military Clinical Hospital in Krakow

We would like to announce the implementation of Laserobaria 2.0_S medical equipment in the Military Hospital in Krakow, specifically in the 5th Military Hospital with Polyclinic in Cracow in the Department of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics.

The doctor leading the implementation of Laserobaria 2.0_S is Paweł Maleta, MD, an orthopedics specialist. The doctor deals with various fields of orthopedics, including reconstructive procedures after tumor resection in the limb area, reconstruction of post-traumatic limbs, and wound treatment. In the ward, he comes into contact not only with patients from Poland but also with injured people from Ukraine.

Thank you for the trust you give us, it gives us a lot of motivation to continue working and developing the product.